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My Pup Must-Haves for 2022

*This blog post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx

Hi Friends,

Springtime is here, which means out with the old food and toys, and in with the new! I came across the following products, and want to share with you how great I think they are:

Pet Wants

Freeze-dried Salmon Chews or a Peanutty Cookie, anyone? How about both! Pet Wants’ food is fresh and clean, and they even offer FREE delivery! Made with nutrition and love, try their phenomenally healthy salmon chews and tasty house-made cookie. Pet Wants has redefined fresh in the pet food industry. Learn more about this amazing company at

Multipet International, Inc.

Multipet are known for their awesome toys, and there are two in particular I really love: LambChop and The Globken dog toy! Both keep your furry friend engaged, active and excited during playtime. You can even win your own bundle of Multipet toys via their current giveaway. Multipet products can also be purchased at one of your local retailers. And please remember, it’s important to always monitor your furry friend when they play with any new toy.


Dinovite’s NubONubs Meal Booster is 100% freeze-dried and absolutely delicious. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, and easy to serve – just sprinkle on top of your furry friend’s food! Visit and use the discount code BOXX15. The code is valid for 15% off any meal booster flavor until 4/30/22 at 11:59pm EST, and can be used twice per customer.


Carefully crafted from start to finish, ACANA’s freeze-dried dog food is high in protein and can be fed as a meal, or as a topper. Their premium recipes are scrumptious, and offer all the benefits and taste of raw nutrition, without any of the mess.

I hope you all enjoy my 2022 food and toy must-have suggestions. Until next time…


Norman the Pomsky


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