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It was love at first sight!

So, I met a cute little canine a few months ago, and after spending many days and nights going on walks and getting to know one another, I got down on one hind leg and popped the question!

Let me tell you all about our story, as well as how I picked the perfect diamond for her engagement ring.

What started as an innocent chance encounter, quickly morphed into full-blown puppy love. My bride-to-be, a mutt named Lucy, was brought over to my humans' place for a casual meet and greet. But before I knew it, we were playing with the same chew toys and eating out of the same dog bowl.

Flash-forward months later, and I decided to put a ring on it!

Loving her is simple, as she's been special from the day I met her -- from the way she effortlessly lights up a room to the way she makes me feel. She is the love of my life, perfect in every way. That being said, I knew no ordinary diamond would do.

Enter The Leo Diamond -- a brilliantly distinct diamond that captures the essence of your love with light. This proprietary and exclusive diamond design sparkles like no other. I can see it from across the room. They told me that the unique placement of the additional facets allows for more points of light, and as the source of light moves, the diamond radiates even more sparkle.

Like my Lucy, a Leo Diamond is a work of art; a true labor of love that perfectly represents the love two people share with each other. So, if you are thinking about popping the question this holiday season, keep in mind that there's really only one diamond that can sparkle as great as your love: The Leo Diamond! To learn more about it, please click HERE!

Happy holidays.



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