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WISPing while you work...

Hey Guys, have you heard of the WISP? Finally, a revolutionary, scientific-based cleaning product that efficiently cleans up my messes (and my humans)!

It's only taken about one hundred years, but the broom has finally caught up with technology. I'm telling you, the WISP is the future, dawg -- from the angle of the bristles (which allow for one-handed sweeping), to the light, telescoping handle (so people can comfortably clean all sorts of spaces), to the WISP's proprietary Bristle Seal technology, which locks in dirt and my PET HAIR (instead of spreading it in a wider area and releasing particles into the air, like with traditional brooms). And that's just the broom; the hands-free dustpan is another feat of engineering!

I made a mess the other day (on purpose, of course), then saw my humans work to clean it up. I couldn't believe how little effort they put into doing so. The WISP's innovative, electrostatic polymer bristles are amazingly effective at capturing dirt, pet fur, lint and other debris to clean floors, carpets, upholstery and outdoor surfaces like no other tool on the market, all the while helping to eliminate back and knee pain.

My humans even have a miniWISP, which is not only adorable but helps clean up my smaller messes.

I highly recommend learning more about the "Tesla of cleaning systems" by visiting WISP's website at

Happy cleaning, humans!



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