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The FURBO is all your furry, little one needs for the holidays!

Hi Humans!

Santa's little helpers delivered me something early this year -- Furbo! -- a smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog!

Whether you're out of the house, or just too lazy to get off the couch (I don't blame you), Furbo is designed to make sure your dog can always feel your love.

Wonder what your dog does all day? I know my humans do. Well, wonder no more as Furbo allows you to check in on them from anywhere. And with HD night vision, you can see your dog even if you have to work late.

Eat, sleep, TREAT, repeat: Furbo is also the only dog camera that tosses your dog’s favorite treats into the air, so you can play a game of fetch anytime, from anywhere!

And if your dog is like me -- one that likes to BARK and/or hear their humans' voice (even when they're away) -- Furbo sends an alert to your phone when it detects your dog barking. With Furbo, you'll know if and when they're distressed, and you'll be able to calm them down by speaking through the device, simply by using your phone.

To set this puppy up (see what I did there), all you need to do is download the Furbo app, connect your Furbo to your Wi-Fi, then see, talk and toss treats from your phone! It's really that easy.

To learn more about Furbo and to get yours in time for the holidays, click HERE! When purchasing use my Promo Code: FURBONORMAN to get an extra $15 OFF on your Furbo.

Happy holidays, humans!



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